UPDATE April 11, 2017

On February 2, 2015, Kirk Van Allen posted a blog entitled, “D&C 132: A Revelation of Men, Not God,” which unfortunately has been recently re-posted. The Van Allen’s are certainly entitled to their own opinions and to have them published. But when such opinions are not based upon solid research, unnecessary confusion often results.

Kirk Van Allen’s essay started a sequence of responses and responses to responses that has reached a fourth round. It is unclear whether a fifth and sixth rounds are likely.

For a detailed response to Kirk Van Allen's post click here.

The sequential essays can be downloaded below:

1- Kirk Van Allen: “D&C 132: A Revelation of Men, Not God”

2- Brian and Laura Hales: “Lending Clarity to Confusion: A Response to Kirk Van Allen’s ‘D&C 132: A Revelation of Men, Not God'”

3- Lindsey Van Allen: “Response to Fairmormon

4- Brian C. Hales: “A Response to Lindsay Van Allen’s ‘Response to Fairmormon’: Round Four”