JSP Document Book 50

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50.003      Johnson, Benjamin F., [Andrew Jenson], Biographical Sketch of Benjamin F. Johnson, in Andrew Jenson Collection, CA, MS 17956; Box 8, Fd. 5, excerpt, transcript.

50.004      Cowles Holmes, Elvira Ann, letter from daughters Marietta and Emma Welling, in Andrew Jenson Collection, MS 17956

50.005      Price Hyde, Mary Ann, Autobiographical statement, ca. 1880, MS 6415; LDS Church Archives

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50.030      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, “Address at Brigham Young University April 14, 1905. Transcript.

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50.037      [anon], “Did Joseph Smith Marry Young Girls?” internet article

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50.048      April 3, 1836, entry in Joseph Smith’s journal regarding Doctrine and Covenants section 110.

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50.072      Phelps, W. W., Letter to Sally Phelps—May 26, 1835, Photocopy of original, W. W. Phelps Papers, Vault Mss 810, Box 2, Folder 1, BYU Harold B. Lee Library, (Originals are in Box 1 [oversize]). Excerpt, transcript.

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