JSP Document Book 48

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48.002      Brimhall, George H. Journal, Jan 1, 1888

48.002      Josephine Fisher as a Child of Joseph Smith—1888 reference.

48.003      Froiseth, Jennie Anderson, Letters and Advertisement, BYU, Harold B. Lee Library MSS 3375

48.004      Browne, Hilda Faulkner, “The Michigan Mormons,” unpublished manuscript by (210 pages, no references or bibliography), 1985

48.005      Huntington Young, Zina D., Papers, MSS SC 2184 at Harold B. Lee Library Special Collections, excerpts

48.009      Ames, Ira, Autobiography and Journal, 1858 Church Archives MS 6055

48.010      Huntington Young, Zina D., “A Brief History” by Oa Jacobs Cannon, HBLL, MSS SC 2184, excerpts.

48.019      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, “Statement” signed Feb. 8, 1902 (Vesta Crawford Papers, MS 125, bx1 fd 11. Original owned by Mrs. Nell Osborne, SLC (courtesy Juanita Brooks).  See also Juanita Brooks Papers, USHS, MSB103, bx16, fd 13.

48.021      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, Letter to Emmeline B. Wells, Summer, 1905

48.024      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, February 8, 1902 statement.

48.025      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, Biography by Elsie Barrett

48.027      Well, Emeline B., to Mary Elizabeth Rollins, March 12, 1887, typescript.

48.029      Walker, Catherine, History, WPA (Utah Section), Biographical Sketches, USHS

48.036      Welling, Job, “Ancestors and Descendants of Job Welling