JSP Document Book 93

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93.002      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth biography (legal paper), photocopy. Susa Young Gates Papers, USHS, Box 14, fd. 4.

93.009      Smith, George A.,  to Joseph Smith III, October 9, 1869, “Journal History” for date, transcript.

93.012      Perkes, William E., History of Richard Rushton Sr. and Family. Alhambra, Calif.: Greenwood Press, 1977.

93.030      Boice, Mary Ann Barzee, “In Commemoration of Oxford’s Two Lovable Pioneers John Boice 1814-1886 and Mary Ann Barzee Boice, 1821-1902, mimeograph sheets.

93.035      Van Wagoner, Richard, Polygamy Timeline (legal paper)