JSP Document Book 92

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92.002      Horne, Mary Isabella Hales, “The Prophet Joseph Smith,” Relief Society Magazine, 38 (Jan 1951) 3:158-60.

92.011      Bloom, Harold, from Deseret News Nov. 27, 2011, calls JS a “Superb trickster and protean personality.”

92.012      Church History Library – responses to requests to see George Reynolds to H. Neidig, June, 7, 1892; Job Welling Papers; Job Welling Collection; Heber J. Grant regarding Rachel’s comment of being a whore.

92.017      Bennett, James Arlington, to Willard Richards, October 24, 1842 from Selected Collections

92.021      Temple work – for whom will it be done?  Quote collection

92.022      Portsmouth [NH] Journal of Lieterature and Politics, 9 Mar 1844.  News of revelation and polygamy.

92.023      Gully, Jane Jones Frilick (Frylick), info paper with endowment house sealing to Benjamin Freeman Bird on Feb. 27, 1852.

92.024      Horne, Mary Isabella Hales, “Migration and Settlement of the Latter Day Saints,” excerpts by Loraine W. Hales.

92.027      Richardson, Charles Edmund: Man of Destiny excerpts regarding polyandrous marriage to Mary Ann Darrow and Frederick Cox

92.033      Photos for Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: History and Theology

92.043      Jorgensen, Bruce W. “Scriptural Chastity Lessons: Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife; Corianton and the Harlot Isabel.” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 32, no. 1 (Spring 1999): 7‑34.