JSP Document Book 91

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91.002      Cowdery, Oliver, Letter to Warren A. Cowdery, 21 January 1838, copied by Warren F. Cowdery into Oliver Cowdery Letterbook, Huntington Library, San Marino, California.  Copy of original holograph.

91.010      Hale, Van, “The Origin of the Human Spirit in Early Mormon Thought,” Sandy, Utah: Omega Publishing, November 2003

91.012      Tracy, Helon, Diary, undated, 72, quoted in Stan Larson, ed., Prisoner for Polygamy: The Memoirs and Letters of Rudger Clawson at the Utah Territorial Penitentiary, 1884-87, Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1993, 12.

91.020      Hales, Van, “The Purported Letter of Joseph Smith to Nancy Rigdon,” with supplement.

91.046      Ashurst-McGee, Mark, “The Josiah Stowell Jr. – John S. Fullmer Corresondence,” BYU Studies, 38 (1999) no. 3, 113 [109-17]

91.051      Partridge Young, Emily Dow, “Autobiography,” from Woman’s Exponent, Aug. 1, 1885.  “…went to live with Sister Lyon.”

91.053      Perego, Ugo A., quoted in Michael De Groote, “DNA solves Joseph Smith mystery,” Deseret News, July 10, 2011, page B1.

91.054      [Olney, Oliver?], uncatalogued manuscript, Western Americana MSS at Beinecke Library, Yale, folder: “Nauvoo Female Society,” transcription by Michael Quinn s found in D. Michael Quinn Papers—Addition—Uncat WA MS 244, accession:19990209-c), Box 1—Card file—Topic: Polygamy, Joseph Smith’s.

91.061      Smith, Joseph F. to Emeline B. Wells, January 20, 1906.


91.063      Snider, John papers including property holdings and families

91.066      Johnson, Joseph Ellis – papers including property holdings

91.073      Cowdery, Oliver “An Old Document: A Letter by Oliver Cowdery on Polygamy,” letter written July 21, 1846 to “Brother Daniel and [indecipherable] Pheobe,” Salt Lake Tribune, October 5, 1878

91.075      Smith, William, The Elder’s Pocket Companion: Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, November 1844, Bordentown, New Jersey, by Connan O’Donnel

91.082      Adams, Augusta, “Last Will & Testament,” MS 1234, Bx 62, fd 6, transcribed by Todd Compton.

91.083      Adams, Augusta, proxy sealing record to Joseph Smith April 14, 1848, MS 1234, fd. 6. Transcript.

91.084      Adams, Augusta, to Brigham Young, March 9 and 11, 1853, transcript.

91.085      Lake, S., to Brigham Young, March 9, 1853, transcript.

91.087      Adams, Augusta, to Brigham Young, January 22, 1850, transcript.

91.089      Adams, Augusta, to Brigham Young, February 4, 1862, transcript.

91.091      Adams, Augusta, to Brigham Young, no date, transcript.

91.092      “The Undersigned,” [Adams, Augusta], to Brigham Young, no date, transcript.

91.093      Cobb, Henry, legal husband of Adams, Augusta, transcript of newspaper reports of her divorce. transcript.

91.095      J. M. H., “Editorial Correspondence,” Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate (Utica, N.Y), February 5, 1831, 47.

91.096      “Infatuation,” Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate, June 18, 1831:  “common stock families.”

91.097      Smith, Joseph Smith diary references to Church leaders 1841 to 1842 worksheets

91.099      Allred, Thomas – genealogy and research regarding