JSP Document Book 90

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90.002      Church History Library– source searches – notes

90.010      Cummings, Horace, “Conspiracy in Nauvoo,” The Contributor, 5: 251-60, SLC: Magazine Printing, April, 1884.  (Copy from magazine.)

90.016      Bennett, John C., “Bennett’s Affidavit,” The Pittsburgh Morning Chronicle, July 29, 1842, typescript.

90.017      Carter, John, letter re: JCB’s adulteries, The Wasp, 1 (oct. 1, 1842), no. 24, page 1, col 2.

90.018      Bennett, John C., Letters to Sangamo Journal transcripts

90.043      Bennett, John C., History of the Saints, excerpts

90.044      Bennett, John C. History of the Saints, Table of Contents.

90.069      Smith, Joseph III, to Audentia Andersion,” October 17, 1905. Transcript.

90.069      Smith, Joseph III, to B. M. Anderson. Undated. Transcript.

90.070      Smith, Joseph III, Ministerial Diary, January 1, 1876-December 21, 1876, P2, J106, CofC Archives. Transcript, excerpt.

90.074      Smith, Joseph III, letters, transcripts.

90.081      Lawrence Foster. “Sex and Conflict in New Religious Movements: A Comparison of the Oneida Community under John Humphrey Noyes and the Early Mormons under Joseph Smith and his Would-Be Successor,” Nova Religio Feb 2010, Vol. 13, No. 3: 34–58.

90.095      Harrell, Charles, Excerpts from This is My Doctrine on “The Restoration,” “The Gospel Plan,” and “Salvation for the Dead.”