JSP Document Book 86

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86.002      Bachman, Danel W., Emails outlining his experiences with the JFS affidavit books

86.005      Taylor, John, “The Origin and Destiny of Women,” reprint from The Mormon in Latter Day Saints Southern Star, Chattanooga, Tenn, June 30, 1900, vol. 2, no. 31, p246.

86.007      “The Prophet’s Death,” Deseret Evening News, November 27, 1875,

86.010      Smith, Emma, quoted “My husband was my crown,” in “The Prophet’s Death!,” reprint in Deseret News December 8, 1875,

86.012      Hales, Brian, notes on D&C 124 and John C. Bennett and the “ifs”

86.015      Cowdery, Warren F., photos from microfilm of “scrape” overwriting to “affair” from USHS

86.017      Blood, Jane Wilkie Hooper Diaries, July 22, 1892, (p. 241), quotes Zina Huntington saying she was a wife of Joseph Smith.

86.018      Richards, Franklin D. – Millennial Star, November 17, 1855, vol. 18, mentioned D&C 132:41

86.025      Smith, Emma, blessing she wrote for Joseph to sign, quoted in Raymond T. Bailey,. “Emma Hale: Wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith.” M.A. thesis, Brigham Young University, 1952, 112-13

86.027      Lambert, Mary Alice Cannon, “Leonora Cannon Taylor,” from Young Women’s Journal 19 (1908) 347.

86.029      Smith, Don Alonzo – who is his father?  John F. Smith, Joseph Smith, David Bates Smith?  Who is his mother?  Hanna Dubois, Lucinda Pendleton? Study by Brian Hales

86.037      West, Margaret Cooper, “Testimony of Margaret West,” with account of a vision of plural marriage.  Woman’s Exponent, August 1, 1882, vol. 11, no. 5, page 35.

86.040      Bergera, Gary James, suggestions on four chapters from JS Polygamy: Theology

86.042      Smith, William, Dictionary of the Bible, 1863 and 1896, “marriage” excerpt

86.048      Buck, Charles, Theological Dictionary, 1830, “concubinage” and “polygamy”

86.057      Hyde, Orson, analysis of his diagram of the “Kingdom of God” in the 1847 Millennial Star

86.063      Deification – quotes on man becoming god

86.115      Brown, Lisle, email Sep 23, 2008 that his book NSAA is incorrect regarding Marinda Hyde was sealed to Orson Hyde on Jan 11, 1846 (not to the Prophet).