JSP Document Book 85

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85.003      Philadelphia Branch Records 1840-54

85.011      [Council of 50?] “1844 Plan for Independent Government & List of  monogamist legal Marriages” from Quinn

85.013      Lyman, Richard R.,, letters 1949 and 1956 explaining his circumstances

85.015      Smith III, Joseph, to Elvira Ann Cowles April 14, 1855, brief excerpt.

85.016      Murdoch Smith, Julia, statement quoted by Mary Dunn Ensign in 1914, transcript.

85.017      Wasson, Clara, to Emma Smith, March 12, 1843, typescript

85.019      “Our Readers Ask: ‘Does God Approve of Polygamy?’” The Watchtower, July 1, 2009.

85.020      [Lebarons] Email to the LeBarons from Navy Seal offering armed assistance

85.021      Snow, Eliza R., “Pen Sketch of an Illustrious Woman,” excerpts from Woman’s Exponent.

85.029      Hales, Brian C., Notes taken at Community of Christ Archives June 2009

85.030      Smith III, to John Smith December 28, 1876. Joseph Smith III Letter Press Book. P6 JSLB1a, Page 11-17. Transcript.

85.031      Smith, Albert, journal excerpts 1804-1889

85.049      Eldredge, Philinda Clark, FGS, plural wife of Vinson Knight

85.051      Young, John R. to Vesta Pierce, no date [1931?] from Bailey

85.052      Book of Mormon, Ether 1:41 printer copy showing “family” not “families” of the brother of Jared

85.053      Whitney, Sarah Ann, “Estate of Sarah Kimball,” died December 1, 1898.

85.054      Rigdon, Sidney, interview with Orson Pratt, Messenger and Advocate of the Church of Christ, Pittsburgh, December 1845, 401.

85.055      Young, Brigham on Orson Pratt’s rebaptism, Deseret News, “History of Brigham Young,” March 17, 1858

85.056      Ensign, Mary Dunn, re: Julia Murdock Smith knowing of her father’s wives. Transcript—excerpt.

85.056      Richards, George F., Journals June 10, 1883, at a conference at Centerville, Utah. Transcript—excerpt.

85.056      Smith, Joseph F., Financial Revelation , November 1, 1918, Transcript.

85.057      Huntington, Zina, marriage certificate to 1841 marriage to Henry B. Jacobs.

85.057      Smith, John L., Feb 27, 1895 to David H. Cannon of the St. George Temple

85.058      Woodruff, Wilford to David H. Cannon, March 8, 1895. Re: Sarah Kingsley Cleveland.

85.058      Young, Brigham, remarks, Oct 8, 1848, JS received nothing higher than the apostleship

85.059      Badger, Alex, to his sister Alice E Cayton at St Louis, from SLC, on Jan 19 1863, in Badger Collection, MO Historical Society, St Louis.

85.059      Quorum of the Twelve Minutes, July 1, 1866.

85.060      Blair, William W., Diaries Excerpts –holographs at RLDS Research Library and Archives

85.060      Post, Warren, Record Book, comment on polygamy, bound volume in Iowa State Historical Department, Archives Division, Historical Library, Des Moines, Iowa

85.061      [Council of 50?] “1844 Plan for Independent Government & List of  monogamist legal Marriages”

85.061      Alger, John, Record of Excommunications 1832-1899, CR 298/4, four boxes, Church Archives, July 1975

85.061      Walker, Lucy, rebaptism, Aug. 6, 1843, Record of Baptisms for the Dead and Rebaptisms for Sins, loose sheets, in CR 342/1, Church Archives,

85.062      Grant, Heber J. Carbon of letter to Patriarch Hyrum G. Smith, dated Nov 6, 1919, in Box 18, CR 1/44, Misc. Correspondence of 1st Presidency, at CA:  Patriarchs’ visions of JS promoting PM

85.062      Johnson, Joseph E. – Document in BY Collection, d 1234, CA, a council meeting in SLC, Sept. 2, 1850, with excerpts from minutes as follows:

85.062      Morgan, John, Journals, d 1479, CA recounting William Huntington talk with JSIII

85.062      Wright, William Undated holograph letter, stamped as received in the First Presidency Office on June 2, 1931, in Box 65, CR 1/44, Misc. Corresp. Of 1st Pres., at Church Archives, in part:

85.063      Heron Snider, Mary – Joseph E. Johnson council notes and Quinn’s comments

85.064      Grant, Heber J., journal, April 1, 1896, quotes LS re: angel with a sword and John Woolley being rebaptized in 1916

85.064      Hills, Gustavus, Paternity suit between Gustavus Hills and Mary Clift, Sept 15, 1842, wherein Hills agrees to pay $200.00 to Mary Clift, [etc.]

85.064      Huntington, Zina D. – Marriage date to Henry B. Jacobs, #139, MSS 76, NKW Papers, HBLL, Letter from A. Bonney , March 6, 1841,

85.064      Pratt, Sarah, Handwritten statement in Mormon Collection, Chicago Historical Society: regarding accuracy of History of the Saints by John C. Bennett

85.065      Goldsmith, Lucia A., “Rigdon  The first Mormon Elder,” a two page holograph in the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, OH:

85.065      McLellin, William E., transgressions of Joseph Smith. Quoted in Saints Herald.

85.066      Snow, Eliza R., Relief Society Minutes, Glenwood Ward (Sevier Stake), 1873-1881, p. 224,  28 Sep 1880, CA:  ERS comments

85.066      Woodruff, Wilford, 1883 memo book, WW Papers donated by Caroline Woodruff Owen; d5506, Box 2: article on marriage printed against JS wishes

85.067      Smith, Joseph F., Journals at HDC, Oct 9, 1869, and 1879 Bk, Nov 1, 1879

85.068      Brailey, Jesse C., trial for adultery, First Council of Seventy Trial, mistakenly filed with SL Hi Council Minutes

85.068      First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve, February 16, 1849 meeting

85.068      Gee, Lysander, Heber J. Grant, Journals, March-July 1881 volume, June 11, 1881, Regarding OC and adultery

85.069      “The Star in the East—Strangites” with “After Strang by Jr., Badger.

85.069      Foote, Warren, Journals, CHD, Vol 3, pp. 106-107, Oct 13 1897 Re: didn’t know of PM in Nauvoo (lived 60 miles out of town).

85.069      Richards, H.J. Loose letter enclosed in volume: Dated September 25, 1891, 42 Islington, Liverpool, with notation on back, letter to H. J. Richards, Sept 25. 91” re: JS and sexual polyandry

85.070      Kimball, Heber C., Minutes, 1847-1861, Jan 8, 1848, Minutes of First Presidency Meetings with Quorum of the Twelve, 1881-1882

85.070      Phelps, W. W., 1847 excommunication meeting – Minutes of Public and Private Meetings (Dec 2-Dec7, 1847): Meetings of Apostles Ms, 16 pages, handwritten, in d1234, Misc Minutes, BY Papers, HDC

85.072      Smith, Joseph, comments at the trial of Benjamin Winchester with Q12 [date?]

85.074      Twelve Apostles, Quorum, Minutes, Meeting of Apr 18, 1844 with the High Council, Presidents of Seventies:(Trial of Laws); Box “High Council Meetings, etc., conference and public meetings,” CA; folder, “Minutes of Council of Twelve”

85.074      Twelve Apostles, Quorum, Minutes, Meeting, 14 March 1913, (Quorum of Twelve minutes, 23 Jan 1914) re: “Woolley John W.” rebaptism

85.075      Hills, Gustavius, excommunication in Nauvoo High Council minutes for Jan 28, 1843

85.075      Richards, Willard, January 21, 1842, dream related:  “Joseph &[A?] woman sitting in a chair pulling of her stocking. Little boy in the old wives lap interrupted.”

85.075      Taylor, Leonora Cannon, Diary notes by Quinn.

85.076      Nauvoo City Council Minutes for April 13, 1844 Harrison Sagers.

85.076      Nauvoo City Council Minutes for Jan. 3, 1844—(Nauvoo City Council Minutes, 1842-1844 Book, p. 35)

85.076      Notes of the Mrs. Sayers document (affidavit May 1, 1869)..

85.077      Babbitt, Almon, living with Maria Lawrence in adultery – April 21, 1849 Quinn excerpt

85.077      Goddard, Hannah M. married to Lorenzo Snow.

85.077      Rich, Charles C. Rich. Hyrum read revelation about Law.

85.077      School of the Prophets: Feb 10, 1873 – polygamy not required in celestial kingdom

85.078      Young, Brigham, Discourse June 30, 1873, Deseret News, July 23, 1873, p 388

85.079      Smith III, Joseph to E.C. Brand, Joseph Smith III Letter Press Book, P6, JSLB4, page 63, Community of Christ Archives. Typescript.

85.081      Norman, Mary B. Smith, fragment of a letter to Ina Coolbrith, Miscellaneous Letters and Papers, P13, f2291, Community of Christ Archives

85.083      Smith III, Joseph, letter to J. F. Mintun, 13 March 1891, Joseph Smith III Papers, P15, f17, item 7, 8, Community of Christ Archives.

85.085      Norman, Mary B. (Smith) to Ina (Smith) Coolbrith, 3 February, 1911, P13, f1078, Community of Christ Archives

85.087      Smith III, Joseph, letter to Mr. Crotcher, 8 June 1893, Miscellaneous Letters and Papers, P13, f431, Community of Christ Archives.

85.089      Smith III, Joseph, letter to William B. Smith, March 11, 1882, P6, Joseph Smith III Letter Book 3, page, 335-36.

85.090      Terrell, William, Statement regarding death of Joseph Smith, Jr., January 3, 1902, Smith Papers, P70-1, folder 19, Community of Christ Archives.

85.092      Pratt, Moroni to President John Taylor, October 28, 1886.

85.096      Taylor, John, Letter to Moroni L. Pratt, October 29, 1886, First Presidency Letterpress Copybook, CHL, restricted.