JSP Document Book 83

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83.002      Polygamy notes.

83.002      Signature Books report:  “Joseph Smith had ‘Conjugal Relations’ with Eight Plural Wives, Says FARMS.”

83.008      “Chronology of Plural Marriage Denials.”

83.017      “Plural Wives of Joseph Smith” (Listed by maiden name.)“Chronology of Plural Marriage Denials.”

83.022      “What position does Community of Christ take on Joseph Smith Jr.’s alleged involvement in polygamy?”

83.024      “Plural Wives of Joseph Smith and Relief Society Membership.”

83.028      “A Vision of the Pre-Mortal Existence of Spirits Given to Mosiah Hancock in 1853” Compiled by Glen W. Chapman, May 1996.

83.032      “Nancy Rigdon” notes.

83.034      “Reorganized Church, Utah Mission and Joseph F. Smith Chronology.”

83.041      Alger, John, Obituary, “Died,” Deseret New Weekley, October 14, 1874.

83.042      Marvel, Clarissa, notes.

83.044      Dutcher, Esther, chornology.

83.047      “Chronolgy for Joseph Smith Era Plural Marriage.”

83.049      “Joseph F. Smith and His Cousins.”

83.110      “Chronology of Plural Marriage Denial.”