JSP Document Book 82

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82.002      Bennett, Richard – review of chapters from Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: Theology

82.060      Hales, Brian C. – JWHA notes 2009, Ugo Perego presentation, DNA.

82.061      Marquardt, Michael, notes on Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: Theology December 2009

82.064      Wyatt, Allen, email with suggestions on Windsor Lyon

82.065      Bushman, Richard L., review and suggestions for Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: Theology drafts 1 and 2.

82.077      Foster, Lawrence, review of chapters of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: History

82.109      Smith, Gregory L., Review and suggestions for Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: History

82.143      Smith Gregory L., chapter on Sidney Rigdon and John C. Bennett