JSP Document Book 81

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81.002      Robinson, Ebenezer to Jason W. Briggs, January 28, 1880, MS 4631, CHD, Access No: 26997-ARCH (2000024)

81.003      Isaiah 4:1 commentaries

81.015      Pratt, Orson The Seer backlash from Brigham Young

81.016      Young, Brigham, “Instruction to the Saints,” Deseret News, July 25, 1860, p. 1.Re: Orson Pratt and The Seer.

81.018      “Hearken O Ye Latter-Day Saints. . .” Deseret News, August 23, 1865, pp. 4-5.

81.025      Young, Brigham, “Remarks,” Deseret News, August 23, 1865, p. 2.

81.028      Pratt, Belinda Marden. “Defense of Polygamy, by a Lady in Utah. In a Letter to Her Sister in New Hampshire,” Salt Lake City: N.p., 1854.

81.035      Gates, Susa Young, History of the Young Ladies’ Mutual Improvement Association, Salt Lake: Deseret News, 1911 [Zina Huntington, Joseph Smith, and a Mother in Heaven]

81.039      Michelet, M. Jules, The Life of Martine Luther Gathered from His Own Writings, New York: D. Appleton, 1846.  excerpts on polygamy

81.043      Milton, John, Treatise on Christian Doctrine, Compiled from the Holy Scriptures Alone, translator Charles R. Sumner, Cambridge: Cambridge University Pres, 1825, 231, 241, on polygamy

81.057      Smith, Gregory L., review of George D. Smith, Nauvoo Polygamy

81.089      Bradley, Martha, “Changed Faces: The Official LDS Position on Polygamy, 1890-1990,” Sunstone  14:1

81.098      Cook. Lyndon W. ” ‘A More Virtuous Man Never Existed on the Footstool of the Great Jehovah:’ George Miller on Joseph Smith.” Brigham Young University Studies 19 (Spring 1979): 402-407.

81.102      Cook. Lyndon W., “The Apostle Peter and the Kirtland Temple,” BYU Studies, excerpt.

81.104      Woodruff, Wilford, “The Law of Adoption,” Deseret Weekly, April 21, 1894

81.110      Widtsoe, John A., “Temple Worship,” The Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine 12 (Apr. 1921): 49-66.

81.120      Smith, Joseph Fielding, “Elijah the Prophet and His Mission,” The Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, January 1921, 1-20

81.132    New Bible Dictionary, 2nd ed., excerpts.

81.139      Old Testament Polygamy – NOTES

81.144      Smith, William, Smith’s Bible Dictionary, excerpts.

81.148      Morse, Justus – FGS with wives