JSP Document Book 64

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64.002      Smith, Joseph to Vilate Kimball, March 2, 1841, in Helen Vilate Bourne Fleming Papers, MS 9670, Box 1 (only box), Folder 25, LDS Church Archives, transcript.

64.003      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, Speech July 24, 1889 Mary Rollins Lightner Rollins Carter Record Book, (This was the daughter of MERL),  MS 748, LDS Archives, pp. 28-29, excerpt.

64.004      Larson, Hannah Rebecca Stoddard and Adessa Larson Christensen, Affidavit of Hannah R. Larson, and October 15, 1949,  microfilm, MS 7952,  Church Archives

64.006      Film titled, “Early History of Provo, 1849-1872,” Film 979.2 Z99 v. 2 [volume 2], Family History film area, Harold B. Lee Library, BYU

64.007      Partridge Young, Emily D., Marriott Library, MS 113, folders 1-8, catalogue and excerpts of her writings.

64.011      Richards, Willard, Journal, 1847, in Willard Richards Papers MS 1490, Church Archives

64.013      Bradley, Don to Brian Hales, May 10, 2008, discussion of William Law’s charge of adultery against Joseph Smith regarding Maria Lawrence.

64.015      Nauvoo City Council Minutes, “Nauvoo Records” MS 16800, Church Archives, re: marriage age

64.016      Pratt, Parley P., Late Persecutions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…With a Sketch of Their Rise, Progress and Doctrine, New York: J. W. Harrison, 1840

64.018      Smith, Joseph Fielding, letter discussing the Holy Spirit of Promise

64.020      Sheldon, William A., “What About Those Temple Ordinances? [RLDS],” Zion’s Advocate, July 1974.

64.023      “Christ’s Posterity” with quotes from George Q. Cannon and Lorenzo Snow– reference sheet

64.024      Hyde, Orson, Diary excerpt on plural marriage among the Cochranites

64.025      Scott, Jacob, January 1844 letter discussing eternal marriage (66 has entire typescript).

64.026      Howard, Richard P., “Since Yesterday,” Saints Herald, vol. 121, No. 3, march 1974, p. 34. Discussion of Jacob Scott’s reference to eternal marriage.

64.027      Bennett, John C. Bennett, letter to Sidney Rigdon and Orson Pratt, January 10, 1843, transcript

64.030      Smith, William, The Prophet, May 24, 1845, [difficult to read]

64.032      Pratt, Parley P., proposal to an unknown “Miss Hill” in 1853.

64.033      New York Herald, August 31, 1842, article on John C. Bennett with reprint of his letters

64.039      “Theodore” [Nancy], email to Michael Marquardt, December 30, 1997, discussing Lucinda Pendleton Morgan Harris.

64.041      Partridge, Emily, “writings.” (List compiled by Michael Marquardt.)

64.048      Smith, Joseph III, Saints Herald, January 8, 1935, vol. 82, page 49, on John C. Bennett

64.049      Bennett, John C., M.D. education excerpts

64.050      ‘Traveler,” “For the Warsaw Signal,” The Warsaw Signal, March 20, 1844, typescript.

64.052      Richards, Levi, journal excerpt on Hyrum Smith teaching of angel teaching polygamy

64.053      Hancock, Mosiah, Family Group Sheet

64.054      Olney, Oliver, FGS

64.055      Frost, Mary Ann, FGS

64.056      Snow, Eliza R., to Daniel Munns, May 30, 1877, typescript.

64.058      Robinson, Ebenezer, The Return excerpts and other writings, excerpts, transcripts. Photocopies.

64.066      Marquardt, Michael, “Polygamy in the Bible, Is it Approved of God?” unpublished paper

64.080      Anderson, Lavina Fielding, to Brian Hales, May 9, 2008 re: Fanny Alger article