JSP Document Book 63

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63.002      Marquardt, Michael to Newell G. Bringhurst, November 20, 1995, re: Alger marriage dating.

63.003      Smith, Joseph to the Whitneys, letter dated August 18, 1842, holograph and typescript.

63.007      Whitney, Sarah Ann, information sheets

63.011      Wight, Orange, Autobiography excerpts, transcript.

63.013      Partridge Young, Emily D., autobiographical sketch, “Written Especially for My Children, January 7, 1877,” manuscript owned by Emily Young Knopp. Transcript.

63.015      Partridge Young, Emily D., undated statement, from “Incidents in the Early Life of Emily Dow Partridge Young” excerpt, transcript.

63.017      Kingsbury, Joseph C., patriarchal blessing

63.018      Whitney, Sarah Ann, blessing given by Joseph Smith, March 23, 1843, transcript.

63.023      Kimball, Stanley B. to Michael Marquardt, letter dated May 24, 1974

63.024      Thompson, Mercy Rachel Fielding, to her grandson, letter dated December 20th, 1880. Transcript.

63.028      Fullmer, David, The Saints Advocate, Vol. 8, No. 12, June 1886.  Affidavits regarding D&C 132.

63.029      Thompson, Mercy Rachel Fielding, to Joseph Smith III, Letter dated September 5, 1885. Quoted in “Letter from Mercy R. Thompson,” September 5th, 1885, The Saints Advocate, June, 1886, vol. 8, no. 12, page 641-42.

63.032      Smith, Joseph, 1842 census of those in his household

63.033      Wasson, Clara, to Emma Smith, March 12, 1843, typescript

63.035      Snow, Erastus, excerpt from Our Pioneer Heritage

63.036      Smith, Jesse N. Journal of Jesse N. Smith, excerpt re: John Smith sealing

63.037      Subpoena for Nancy Rigdon, Sarah Pratt, Emeline White, Amanda ___ and Melissa Shindle in case of “The Prophet vx. C.L. Higbee, October 1842. Photocopy.

63.039      Smith, Emma, interview from Lippincott’s Magazine, from Wellsville Daily Reporter, October 27, 1884, transcript.

63.041      Bennett, Mary A., divorce from John C. Bennett notice, transcript.

63.044      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, to Emmeline B. Wells, Summer 1905, MS 282 (copy of holograph in Linda King Newell Collection, MS 447, bx 9, fd 2). Transcript.

63.045      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, statement, February 8, 1902, transcript.

63.046      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, “sealed to Joseph for Eternity” signed, 1905.

63.048      Rollins Lightner, Mary Elizabeth, “Dream of Mary Lightner,

63.051      Jordan, William, “A Brief Testimony,” Autumn Leaves, Heman C. Smith, ed., 2 (1889) 1:326-28.

63.054      Wandell, Charles, [Argus], “History of Mormonism. . . Open letter to Brigham Young,” Daily Corrine Reporter, August 2, 1871, transcript.

63.055      Rathbone, Tim, “Brigham Young’s Masonic Connection and Nauvoo Plural Marriages,” MHA Newsletter, no. 102, Summer, 1996.

63.056      Young, Brigham January 6, 1842, “J. Smith saw Agness.”

63.058      Bailey, Raymond, “Emma Hale: Wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith,” M.A. thesis, Brigham Young university, 1952, excerpts

63.089      Cook, Lyndon, W., Nauvoo Marriages Proxy Sealings 1843-1846, Provo, Utah: Grandin Book, 2004, excerpts

63.095      Whitney, Elizabeth, “A Leaf from an Autobiography,” Woman’s Exponent, Dec. 15, 1878

63.097      Van Wagoner, Richard S. Sidney Rigdon: A Portrait of Religious Excess. Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1994, 290-310.