JSP Document Book 44

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44.003      Munson, Eliza to N. B. Lundwall, June, 1831, “Church Manuscripts,” collection by Alan H. Gerber, vol 2, BYU, HBLL, Special Collections

44.005      Adams, William, Excerpts of the Diary, “Church Manuscripts,” collection by Alan H. Gerber, BYU, HBLL, Special Collections

44.006      Layton, Christopher, “Hyrum Smith Presents Plural Marriage to the High Council and Stake Presidency,” from “Life of Christopher Layton,” excerpt.

44.008.     Walker, William Holmes, Reminiscence and Diary CA, MS 1890, excerpts

44.009      Smith, Samuel Harrison, diary 1832-33 excerpts, typescript.

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44.011      “From the Boston Atlas: Missouri and the Mormons: Letter from a Gentleman at the West to His Friend in Boston.” Emancipator (New York City), April 25, 1839.

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44.021      “Wives of Joseph Smith” list with list of sealers.

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44.032      Henry, Andrew, FGS from FamilySearch

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