JSP Document Book 43

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43.002      Smith, Lucy Meserve, handwritten statement dated May 18, 1892, typescript, in Linda King Newell Collection, Marriott Library, University of Utah.

43.004      Pack, John, Statement on introduction to plural marriage by Hyrum Smith, Richard Van Wagoner Collection, bx 13.

43.004      Smith, Hyrum, testimony regarding plural marriage, quoted by James Allred, October 15, 1854.  In Richard Van Wagoner Collection, bx 13.

43.006      Richards, Franklin D., August 2, 1844 letter regarding the excommunication of Benjamin Brown, in Richard Van Wagoner Collection, bx 13

43.007      Kimball, Vilate, Letter June 6, 1843, extract, typescript, from Richard Van Wagoner Collection, bx 13.

43.007      Smith Bathsheba, extract from autobiography, testimony of plural marriage, Richard Van Wagoner Collection, bx 13.

43.008      Kimball, Helen Mar, statement regarding her sealing, excerpt, typescript.

43.009      Grant, Jedidiah M., letter to Brigham Young, September, 4, 1844, regarding the excommunication of Benjamin Winchester

43.010      Sessions, Sylvia, letter regarding polyandry – unknown author.  Written to Richard Van Wagoner

43.012      Jacob, Udney H. to Oliver Granger, March 3, 1840.

43.013      Pratt, Parley, P., March 11, 1850 excerpt from Belinda Marden Pratt regarding Mary Ann Frost

43.014      Young, Brigham, excerpt from letter, August 10, 1845, to William Smith regarding sealing authority in one man, etc.

43.014      Young, Brigham, letter to Reuben Hedlock, May 1, 1844, regarding keeping secrets

43.015      Robinson, Ebenezer, statements regarding home from pregnant polygamous wives

43.016      Lott, Melissa, August 4, 1893, interview by Joseph Smith III, typescript, incomplete

43.018      Ivins, Stanley, S., Notebook #2 excerpts (additional)

43.028      Ivins, Stanley, S., Notebooks, Miscellaneous, #1, #2, #3, #4

43.038      Bonney,  Edward, The Banditti of the Prairies, Chicago: E. Bonney, 1850, reprint, excerpt.

43.055      Anon.  History of the Mormons, London: William and Robert Chambers, 1853 [Flake 4046a]

43.061      Jones, Sheridan, The Truth about the Mormons: Secrets of Salt Lake City, London: William Rider and Son, 1920.

43.070      Franklin, John Benjamin, the Horrors of Mormonism: Being a Lecture, London: n.p. 1858

43.073      Franklin, John Benjamin, The Mysteries and the Crimes of Mormonism, London: C. Elliot, 1860

43.083      Hurd, Jerrie W. “Vienna Jacques: The Other Woman in the Doctrine and Covenants.” Unpublished manuscript. MS 447, Box 4, fd. 1. ] Linda King Newell Collection, Marriott Library.