JSP Document Book 26

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26.002      Smith, Joseph F., Affidavit Books, 1 and 2, typescripts

26.043      Fielding, Robert Kent, “The Growth of the Mormon Church in Kirtland, Ohio, PhD dissertation, Indiana University, 1957, excerpt.

26.047      Whitney, Sarah Ann, Blessing given by Joseph Smith,  March 23, 1843, from Michael Marquardt, The Rise of Mormonism, 586.

26.048      Phelps, W. W. September 16, 1835, Letter to wife Sally, typescript.

26.052      Rushton, Richard, Family Group Record

26.054      Peck, George, “Mormonism and the Mormons,” Methodist Quarterly Review, volume 25, series 3, January, 1843, 111-27.

26.073      Pratt, Belinda Marden. Defense of Polygamy, by a Lady in Utah. In a Letter to Her Sister in New Hampshire. Millennial Star, vol. 16, no. 30.

26.078      Smith, Emma to the New York Sun, November 20, 1845.  (Transcript from Bailey, 142.)

26.083      Dougall, Lily, The Mormon Prophet, New York: D. Appleton, 1899. excerpts