JSP Document Book 25

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25.002      Ford, William, land record in Nauvoo.

25.005      Lyon, Windsor P. genealogical data.

25.009      Whitney, Elizabeth, “A Leaf from an Autobiography,” Woman’s Exponent, Dec 15, 1878, Jan 1, 1879, Feb 15, 1879

25.012      Holmes, Jonathan, information sheets

25.014      Walker, Lucy, bibliography

25.015      Kimball, Helen Mar, “Travels Beyond the Mississippi,” Woman’s Exponent, 13 (Nov 1, 1884) 11: 87.

25.016      Margetts, P., “The Reformation,” hymn extolling polygamy, Deseret News, November 26, 1856, page 6.

25.018      Johnson, Joseph Ellis, Miscellaneous papers

25.019      Johnson, Rufus David, J. E. J. Trail to Sundown: Cassadaga to Casa Grande, 1817-1882, title page only.

25.020      Email to Brian C. Hales regarding Seymour B. Young, April 2, 1912 journal entry with hand copied name of Joseph Smith’s last wife—identity unknown.

25.022      Johnson, Joseph Ellis, Miscellaneous papers

25.029      Hyde, Orson, “Lecture,” October 6, 1854, Deseret News, vol. 4 (Oct. 19, 1854)

25.033      Taylor, John, “An Epistle from the First Presidency,” Woman’s Exponent, 14 (Octrober 15, 1886)  no. 10, 73-75.

25.036      Jacques, Vienna, report of her sealing to Joseph Smith – typescript from letter form Clair Noall, Sep 16, 1943.

25.037      Bradley, Don to Brian C. Hales 03-09-08.

25.038      Alger, Fanny, chronology and information.

25.045      Irving, Gordon,  “The Law of Adoption: One Phase of the Development of the Mormon Concept of Salvation, 1830-1900.” BYU Studies 14 (Spring 1974):

25.057      Buerger, David John, ” ‘The Fulness of the Priesthood’: The Second Anointing in Latter day Saint Theology and Practice.” Dialogue 16 (Spring 1983):

25.075      Pratt, Parley P., An Appeal to the Inhabitants of the State of New York, Letter to Queen Victoria, the Fountain of Knowledge; Immortality of the Body, and Intelligence and Affection, Nauvoo, Illinois: John Taylor, 1844, excerpts.

25.084      Fluhman, J. Spencer, “‘A Subject That Can Bear Investigation’: Anguish, Faith, and Nauvoo Plural Marriage”, unpublished manuscript

25.096      Hales, Brian C., “Emma Smith, Eliza R. Snow, and the Reported Incident on the Stains,” Mormon Historical Studies, 2010, 41-53