JSP Document Book 23

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23.002      Johnson, Joseph E. to Mr. Watkins Bull, May 25, 1845.

23.007      Ford, William Martin – possible Nauvoo merchant mentioned by Wyl FGS

23.008      Snider, John land record in Nauvoo 1842.

23.010      Sayers, Ruth, obituary in the Deseret News Weekly August 20, 1884, 496.

23.012      Hyde, Frank, death certificate with birth date of January 23, 1846

23.013      Kimball, Helen Mar, “Scenes and Incidents in Nauvoo,” Woman’s Exponent, 11 (1882) 5:39-40

23.015      Pratt, Parley P., “Marriage and Morals in Utah,” Deseret News 5 (Jan 16, 1856) 45: 356-57

23.017      Young, Brigham, “Provo Conference,” Deseret News, 5: Nov. 14, 1855) 36: 282 (see JD 3:266)

23.018      Wells, Daniel H., “The Reynolds Trial,” Deseret News 24 (Dec 15, 1875) 46: 732

23.021      Mackay, Lachlan to Brian Hales October 20, 2009 re: Eliza Snow and the stairs

23.026      Shipps, Jan, Mormonism: The Story of a New Religious Tradition. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1985, excerpt.

23.031.     Parker, Rodney R., “A Brief Legal History of Utah Law Prohibiting Bigamy and Polygamous Cohabitation” unpublished manuscript

23.040      Firmage, Ed, “The Texas Raids: The Alamo Defenders, circled around Sarah, Shooting at a Metaphor,”

23.045      Larsen, Randall, “Was there any Sealing Power Attending this Priesthood?”  A New Look at the Prophet Joseph Smith’s 27 August 1843 Discourse.  Unpublished manuscript.

23.060      Quotes on blessing of exaltation

23.069      Larsen, Randall, “The Law of Adoption Reconsidered in the Light of Three Little-Known, 19th Century Mormon Theological Concepts,” draft.

23.076      McCoy, John W., “True Grit and Tall Tales: How Mary Ettie Coray (1827–1867) Got Her Man,” 2006, unpublished manuscript

23.090      Granger, Carlos land record in Nauvoo 1842

23.102      Joseph Smith possible wives information sheets.