JSP Document Book 18

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18.002      Polygamy quotes from various databases including the Journal of Discourses

18.012      Tanner, Jerald & Sandra, “Covering Up Mormon Polygamy,” Salt Lake Messenger, no. 94, august, 1998, typescript.

18.019      Tanner, Jerald & Sandra, “Sealing Men to Men: An Early Mormon Doctrine,” Salt Lake Messenger, no. 92, April 1977, typescript.

18.026      Gardiner, William M., “Shadow Influences of Plural Marriage on Sexuality Within the Contemporary Mormon Experience,” transcript.

18.033      Polygamy quotes various sources.

18.035      Jordan, Randy, Letter to the Editor, Salt Lake Tribune

18.036      Bennett, John C., History of the Saints, excepts, typescript.

18.038      Jordan, Randy,“Public Responses to Van Hale’s Polygamy Statement,” Letter to the editor.

18.039      FAIR criticisms and responses on polygamy

18.047      “Plural marriage was the nineteenth-century. . .”

18.051 “A Compilation of [305 separate] Quotations on Celestial or Plural