JSP Document Book 14

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14.002      Van Dusen, Increase McGee, and Maria Van Dusen. The Mormon Endowment, A Secret Drama, or Conspiracy, in the Nauvoo-Temple, in 1846. Syracuse, N.Y.: N. M. D. Lathrop, excerpt.

14.005      Trumble, Alfred. The Mysteries of Mormonism. A Full Exposure of Its Secret Practices and Hidden Crimes, by an Apostle’s Wife. New York: Richard K. Fox, Proprietor, Police Gazette, [c] 1882.

14.011      Whitney, S. F., quoted in Arthur B. Deming, Naked Truths about Mormonism, Oakland, California: Deming and Co., 1888, typescript.

14.022      Partridge Young, Emily Dow, “Incidents in the life of a Mormon girl,” undated manuscript, CA, Ms 5220, typescript.

14.023      Cannon, Angus, October 12, 1905 interview with Joseph Smith, III. Excerpts

14.025      Partridge Young, Emily D., letter to W. Collins, January 27, 1899, CA.

14.028      Mouritsen, Robert G. “The Office of Associate President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” Brigham Young University, 1972, excerpts.

14.061      Bachman, Danel W.,  “The Authorship of the Manuscript of Doctrine and Covenants Section 132,” in Sidney B. Sperry Symposiu: A Sesquicentennial Look at Church History,, January 26, 1980, Provo, Utah: Religious Instruction, BYU, 1980

14.081      Taylor, John, “Minutes of the General Relief Society meeting held in the Fourteenth Ward Hall, Salt Lake City, July 17, 1880,” Salt Lake Stake Relief Society Conference Record Book, 1868-1903, pages 49-50, LR 604 70 CA.

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14.108      Pratt, Orson, Journal of Discourses, Vol.1, p.64, Orson Pratt, August 29, 1852