JSP Document Book 11

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11.002      Olney, Oliver H., Spiritual Illinois Wifery at Nauvoo Exposed, St. Louis: by the author, 1845. From microfilm.

11.012      Olney, Oliver H., The Absurdities of Mormonism Portrayed: A Brief Sketch, Hancock, Co: Illinois, March 3, 1843. From microfilm.

11.034      McLellin, William E., to President Joseph Smith III, Independence, Jackson Co., Missouri, January 10, 1861, CHD. Typescript.

11.034      McLellin, William E., to President Joseph Smith III, Independence, Jackson Co., Missouri, July 1872, CHD. Typescript.

11.036      McLellin, William E., “Jackson County,” October 6, 1875, Salt Lake Tribune, 4.

11.039      Neal, Robert B., “Was Joseph Smith a Polygamist?” Sword of Laban Leaflets, no. 10, [1905? – Flake 5751-52]

11.040      Walker, Lucy, “Oath of Lucy Walker,” October 20, 1902, CHD.

11.042      Smith, Joseph III, Joseph Smith III and the Restoration, Independence MO: Herald House, 1952. Interview with Malissa Lott, excerpt.

11.049      Richards, Willard, Diary for January 1842. Photocopy of page.

11.051      Bishop, M. Guy, “Eternal marriage in Early Mormon Marital Beliefs,” The Historian, vol. 53, No. 1, (Autumn 1990), 77-88.

11.060      Wyatt, Allen L.,  author of “Zina and Her Men: An examination of the Changing Marital State of Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs Smith Young,” (Mesa, Arizona: FAIR, 2006 FAIR Conference) available at http://www.fairlds.org/FAIR_Conferences/2006_Zina_and_Her_Men.html [accessed August 16, 2007].)

11.071      Partridge Young, Emily D., A Living Testimony,” Millennial Star, Sept 7, 1885, 47:570-71.

11.073      Evans, R. C. Forty Years in the Mormon Church: Why I left It. Shreveport, Louisiana: Lambert Book House, Inc., 1976 [original 1920]. Typescript.

11.088      Littlefield, Lyman O.,  “An Open Letter Addressed to President Joseph Smith, jun., of the Re-organized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” Millennial Star, 45 (June 18, 1883), 385-90.

11.092      Perkins, Keith W., “A Study of the Contributions of Andrew Jenson to the Writing and Preservation of LDS Church History,” Master’s Thesis, BYU, 1971. Excerpts.

11.098      Cook, Lyndon W. “‘Brother Joseph is Truly a Wonderful Man. He is All We Could Wish a Prophet to Be.’ Pre- 1884 Letters of William Law.” Brigham Young University Studies 20 (Winter 1980): 207-218.

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11.109      Richards, Franklin D., “Scriptural Items,” Notebook, CHO, August 12, 1843.