JSP Document Book 78

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78.002      Millett, Robert L., “Restoring the Patriarchal Order,” address given in April, 1998 at the Family Expo Conference, BYU

78.010      Millett, Robert L., “The Holy Order of God,” article

78.023      Nauvoo Neighbor, June 19, 1844.  Quote of William Law admitting adultery.

78.026      Reynolds, George, letter to H. Neidig re: no offspring from JS’s plural wives, typescript.

78.027      [Smith, Joseph F.] via First Presidency, letter to Alfred Budge re: terms Celestial and patriarchal marriage, typescript.

78.029      Smith, Joseph F., March 1883 Utah Stake Quarterly Conference transcript

78.033      Young, Brigham, account of vision/dream February 23, 1847 from manuscript history and journal history, photocopy.

78.040      Pratt, Orson, four talks on plural marriage from the Journal of Discourses, transcript.

78.066      Cannon, George Q., discourse “Celestial Marriage,” October 9, 1869, transcript.

78.073      Pratt, Orson, “Resurrection of the Saints,” The Seer, vol. 2, June, 1854, no. 6.

78.082      Pratt, Parley P., “Intelligence and Affection” (Nauvoo: John Taylor, Printer, 1840) transcript.

78.086      Smith, Joseph, map of New York travels

78.087      Foster, Craig – List of English pamphlets accusing Joseph Smith of immorality or polygamy (three – an 1841 repeating Howe, an 1840 with a general accusation, and an 1844 repeating History of the Saints

78.088      Ware, Richard A., 1985 compilation:  “The Patriarchal Order of the Priesthood”

78.110      Andrus, Hyrum L., “The Divine Patriarchal Order” 1998